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It is all about Branding!

The core of your Internet Identity is your domain name (Web address), your online brand. It is the name you will give your customers to remember you by and they will use it to find your Web site, your products or your services. No two parties can hold the same domain name, so your domain name will be unique to only you and you alone. We can help you pick an available domain name that suits your business needs. Once chosen, we will register your domain name and secure your place on the Internet.


Here at Cinema Tech we buy Domain Names in Bulk so we can pass our savings on to you. We offer domain name registration for just $25 a year! You may call us directly at 877-713-7789 to get started.

In choosing your domain name, you must consider search engine placement priority. The success of your web site is directly proportional to the amount of traffic it receives. By choosing a domain name that best represents your company, products, or services, you increase the probability of your site being returned in search engine results. If you sell shoes, SHOES.COM would be the obvious name. If that is not available, then you could choose a name that has SHOES within it; such as NETSHOES.COM.

If your name were well known than you would use your name. As a prime example, would be appropriate and have a high probability to be typed in the search engine as opposed to MOVIESTAR.COM.

With every domain name that is registered, you must also have the name parked with a hosting company. Cinema Tech offers Domain Site parking for $5 a month! The site is parked and you may activate the hosting to a full fledge web site account at anytime. This parking allows the domain to be registered with Internic and the domain name registration consortium. We will be happy to do both your domain registration and the parking of your domain name at the same time.





After you have your domain name registered, you could submit to this company for free search engine submission.