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Animation Samples
Clipart Animation:The first type of animation is "Clip Art Animation". Clip Art can have motion too. The hands on a clock can move, a ball can bounce and a man can walk. They are usually small in size, but effective on your web page. Excess animation can distract, but just enough can add flair to your site.
Animation Movement:
Such as words that blink, fly in from the side, fly down from the top, etc. This can be done within the program coding of the page. Some Internet browsers can see the movement, others can not. Browsers that can not see the code that causes the movement see the object in a static position on the page.
Custom Animation:
These can be created in certain manufacturer's programs such as, Macromedia Director, Adobe Premiere, etc.

Flash Web Sites:
Flash Sites can also be created to be fully animated or with just a splash screen introduction on your opening home page.

Flash Branded Commercial:
Flash commercials can be displayed as banners or even 1/2 to full page adds. Such as, this demo that was created for a popular Flash computer conference in Singapore.

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