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Webmercials are one of the latest innovations on the web. They include Flash animation splash web pages, actual commercials that are made for your viewers to click and link to, or they can be presented on CD business cards or actual CDís used for advertising purposes.
Webmercials and CD presentations:
CD presentations can have video interactive movies that interact with the potential client in such a way that the client is led around the presentation based on his needs and wants. The CD can contain a link to your web site that will lead the user directly to the site through their Internet connection. This is a great perk for those of you out there who already have sites running on the web and are looking for that advertising edge.
Webmercials can be provided to you on the web on your current web site, VHS Video format or on Zip disk depending on your needs. CDís are usually ordered in 500+ qualities and prices are calculated based on the amount ordered and the length of the presentation.




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